Our Mission ~
Adventures Unlimited is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit, community based organization
dedicated to providing and promoting
natural resource-based recreation and
outdoor experiential education to people of
all ages, abilities, and incomes in the greater
Helena area.
Adventures Unlimited custom designs
outdoor adventure programs to fit the needs
of any group or individual while focusing
outreach on families and children.
Our Goals ~

We strive to introduce participants to the wilderness in ways
that are safe and beneficial to both the individual and the

Safety ~

We are dedicated to setting our safety standards at the highest level
possible.   We acknowledge the importance of teaching and
implementing safe outdoor skills and back-country practices.  We
believe successful risk management stems from good judgement based
on experience, training, and knowledge.  All guides and volunteers are
certified in First Aid and CPR.  Before each trip, Adventures Unlimited
holds a safety orientation.  This is to better prepare you, your family, or
group for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Respecting the Natural World ~

We believe in conservation of the natural environment and take every
step possible to minimize our impact on the land.  We follow the Leave
No Trace ethics of outdoor adventure which is crucial to protecting our
wild lands.  Adventures Unlimited encourages students to explore and
develop an understanding of wilderness ethics.   
~  Create an understanding and appreciation of the natural world
through participation in outdoor adventure recreation.

~  Engage participants in outdoor experiential education that is
exciting, fun, and challenging.

~  Enhance awareness of nature conservation through participation in
environmental service projects.

~  Help individuals and groups develop and practice the skills they
need to play safely in the outdoors.