What to Bring

Clothing and Personal Items

Rock climbing is weather dependant.   In Montana, the climbing season
generally runs from May through October. Obviously you should dress
for the season and be prepared for the weather to change without

To be ready for possible inclement weather, a rain jacket and a warm
pullover are handy.  Pay attention to garment fabrics when looking for
waterproof jackets.  Many are only water resistant, and you will
eventually get soaked in a heavy downpour. A high quality waterproof
jacket will have fully taped seams, a well-designed hood, ventilation
areas that can be unzipped for air flow, and be some type of laminate like
Gore-Tex®.  Bring extra clothes!

Normally though, shorts and/or loose-fitting pants, t-shirts, and sweat
shirts work well for summer outings.  In the Spring and Fall, it is wise to
have polypro tops and bottoms as well as a warm hat and gloves.

Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes (heavy hiking boots are not necessary)
but not sandals.  Climbing areas tend to have plenty of uneven terrain!  
Pick footwear that is well-made for scrambling.
Cameras are also great to have along on a climb to capture the
exceptional scenery.  The rock is hard, and good cameras are expensive
and fragile.  Therefore, we recommend disposable, plastic cameras.  
Rigging them with a small loop of cord allows you to clip them to your
harness so they're accessible.

Feel free to bring your own climbing equipment.  If we consider it unsafe,
we may insist you use ours.  Climbing gear is included for all outings at
no extra charge, including shoes, helmet, harness,  and necessary

Bring at least one to two liters of water in a personal, plastic water bottle
or hydration pack.  Due to the energy expended while climbing,
remaining hydrated is very important.  For longer outings, bring a sack
lunch, and remember, energy bars always make excellent climbing


Clothing suitable to the time of year including ~ jacket/warm
layers, rain jacket, pants/shorts, t-shirt
Sturdy hiking shoes for the approach to the climbing area
Small backpack to carry the climbing equipment we will issue to
Water ~ at least 2 liters per person
Lunch / snacks

Medication ~ If you are taking medicine prescribed by a doctor, bring it with you (heart medication, blood pressure,
diabetes, seizure, asthma inhaler, pain management, etc). If
you are allergic to bees, be sure to carry an epi-pen.
Climb to new heights!  Experience Montana's cliff-side landscape and
sweeping scenery as never before.

Rock climbing creates a healthy and exciting challenge for children and
adults,  requiring trust and focus.  Climbing also provides an opportunity
to observe cliff ecology and helps create wilderness advocates.

Climbing reminds us that with perseverance, even a small child can
reach great heights.   Adventures Unlimited custom designs trips for all
ages, and no previous experience is necessary.   

We offer half day (4 hours) and full day (8 hours) trips.  Beginning  
participants will be taught age appropriate climbing techniques, safety
skills, and minimal impact climbing practices.  Intermediate participants
may be taught skills such as belaying, knot tying,  rappelling,
introduction to lead climbing and traditional gear placement (on
top-rope only), and anchor concepts.

Due to its exceptional team-building qualities, rock climbing is a perfect
activity for families or groups.  Private lessons are also available.   

Join us for an amazing climbing experience you will never forget!