Terry Cowan ~  Vice President

Born and raised a “flatlander” in the Cornhusker State of Nebraska, Terry
spent his first 29 years there until the call of the mountains grew too loud to
ignore, and he made the move to wild and beautiful Montana with his
family, including his two children Nicollette, 13, and Tate, 7.  Terry is a
water resources engineer and mason by trade, but his heart and passion are
for the outdoors.  A restless energy fuels his mountainous activities,
including rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, caving, snowboarding, and
hiking.  Not one to be deterred from a good adventure by something as
pesky as the weather, Terry can be seen anywhere from dirt biking in the
falling snow to paddling in a downpour.  He is a firm believer in heading out
to do whatever you set your mind to, regardless of the weather or
circumstances, as “it’s not always the destination, but within the journey,
the true adventure lies.”  While constantly exploring new places around
Helena, he has found a few favorite destinations such as  fishing and wildlife
viewing at Hidden Lake, rock climbing in Avalanche Gulch, and kayaking
and camping in the Gates of the Mountains.  With Terry's firsthand
experience and the advice from others on the various activities that
Montana has to offer, he is eager to pass this knowledge on to others in the
community and is a proud board member of Adventures Unlimited.
Mariah Davis ~  Founder and Director

Through working in the outdoor recreation industry for 14 years, Mariah
has  obtained a variety of experiences.  She has been involved in
after-school programs and camps and has organized outdoor adventure
programs for various groups.  Mariah has a degree from Appalachian State
University in Recreation Management with a concentration in Outdoor
Experiential Education and a minor in Physical Geography.  Some of her
emergency medical training and certifications consist of Wilderness First
Responder, Outdoor Emergency Care, American Red Cross Lifeguard, and
Emergency Medical Technician.  She has experience in facilitating
recreation for those with special needs and disabilities, as well as
experience in risk management and assessment.  Professionally, Mariah
has guided on many rivers across the country, taught kayak lessons, guided
cave explorations, and facilitated top-rope climbing and multi-pitch
ascents.  She is an ACA (American Canoe Association) certified white water
kayak instructor , a PSI (Professional Ski Instructor) certified snow board
instructor, has worked on professional ski patrol, and has volunteered for
National Ski Patrol.  Another volunteer experience includes teaching
English in a rural farm school in South Africa.   Mariah now enjoys sharing
her outdoor educational knowledge with others in the greater Helena
Sherry Reynolds ~ Director

A retired registered nurse, Sherry has been married to her husband, Randy,
for 41 years.  They have two grown children, a daughter-in-law, and one
grandson.  Over the course of their lives, they have lived in every region of
the United States except the Southwest.  Sherry and Randy moved to
Montana 11 years ago.  They love the peacefulness of the mountains, the
genuineness of the people, and the slower pace of life.  Sherry has been
involved in various projects with the Helena community for the past 11
years.  She is currently the treasurer of the Helena Mineral Society and is
involved in several faith-based groups.  Sherry is pleased to be on the
board of Adventures Unlimited and looks forward to expanding outdoor
educational opportunities in the area.
Ayrne Meyer  ~  President

Raised by outdoor enthusiasts, nature has always been Ayrne's playground.
From the Rocky Mountain region to travels abroad, Ayrne's exposure to
local surroundings and distant cultures have fueled the explorer and artist
within.  Ayrne is an avid traveler but feels her most memorable
experiences were born through exploring her native state of  Montana.  
Mother of Enrya, 5,  and Lukas, 2,  residing in Helena, her true passion is
encouraging artistic expression through nature inspiration and introducing
her children to the beauty and wonder of hidden natural places through
outdoor adventures. "I feel complete when I immerse myself in the great
outdoors."  Ayrne believes nature is an integral part of our lives as human
beings.  "My family and I are always evolving on a personal and creative
level through our direct connection with nature." Berry gathering, hiking,
bathing in naturally warm pools, and floating rivers nurture Ayrne's need
to connect with the larger force which provides us with life-sustaining
Mariah Davis ~ Treasurer and Secretary

Mariah grew up in North Carolina in a log cabin nestled amongst horse  
pastures, trees,  and ponds.   Her mom is a wildlife rehabilitator, so it was
common to find Mariah running through the forest with tame deer,
raccoons, and squirrels, or riding her Shetland pony across the farm.  She
was always looking for an adventure, and nature was her learning ground.  
This quest never ended.  Mariah became proficient in many outdoor
pursuits  and is passionate about introducing others to the wonderful world
of adventure, and the importance of protecting the environment.  She and
her 5 year-old daughter, Jasmine,  have experienced many epic
adventures, most recently completing a 29 day, 571 mile raft journey down
the Yellowstone River.  Mariah's goal  is now to make certain all people,
especially children, have an opportunity to get outside and connect with
Jennifer Harris ~ Director

              Coming soon!
Magalie Belanger ~ Director

Adventures Unlimited was founded with the belief that outdoor adventure
recreation should be available to all people, regardless of age, ability, or
income.  We are dedicated to providing life-enhancing experiences that
enrich our community, and we strive to promote environmental
Board Of Directors
Magalie was born and raised a city girl in Montreal, Quebec but always
kept in touch with nature through the passion of her step father an avid
canoer.  As a teen she forgot the call of the wild but after meeting her
husband Ryan, a Montana native, she fell in love all over again with the
forest and the rivers.   A true believer in humanism, Magalie is an
activist for a number of environmental and social justice issues.  She
believes that protection of our precious environment begins with a love
of nature and all it has to offer.  The Native American proverb "We do
not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our
children." guides her though all seasons as she looks over her son
Bastien, 5, enjoying the great outdoors and it is that same thought that
made her join the board of Adventures Unlimited.