Little Kid, Big River

Four-year-old and mom embark on a 571 mile trip down the
Yellowstone River

HELENA, MT – August 7, 2008 - King of Montana rivers, the
Yellowstone flows free for 671 miles, making it our nation’s longest
flowing, undammed river in the lower 48.  On Saturday, August 16th,
Helena resident Mariah Davis and her daughter Jasmine, will embark on
a 571 mile journey down the Yellowstone River.  They will launch their
raft near the Wyoming-Montana border, which marks the boundary of
Yellowstone National Park and the first point where the river is no
longer off-limits to boating.  They will travel the river self -supported,
averaging over 20 miles a day, camping riverside at night. At times over
their month long journey they will be joined by fellow river enthusiasts
with young paddlers.

“I am excited about the white water!” exclaimed Jasmine. “I hope my
friends will visit me on the river and we can play on sandy beaches and
see animals.”

Their river adventure will begin in white water that leads through
Yankee Jim Canyon, with rapids such as “Boateater.”  Then, the river
meanders through Paradise Valley, home of distinctive species such as
bald eagles and cutthroat trout. After passing Pompey’s Pillar, where
physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark journey still exists, they will
soon enter the river’s 350 mile prairie section. Finally their journey will
come to an end 17 miles into North Dakota at the confluence of the
Yellowstone and Missouri River.  Sponsors for the trip include Outdoor
Kidfitter Co., Montana Outdoor Sports, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Go-
Pro Cameras, Meadow Gold, and Vann's Electronics.

“It has recently been acknowledged that our nation’s most important
conservation resource is its youth.  The mission of our journey is to
encourage more parents to connect their children to nature through
outdoor experiences.  It’s through these experiences that children
realize the value in our forests and rivers, and can therefore grow into
citizens who support conservation and strive for environmental
stewardship,” said Mariah Davis, founder and director of the budding
non-profit Adventures Unlimited.  “We want to bring awareness to river
protection so that future generations can enjoy clean, free-flowing